On your initial consultation, bring a referral from your G.P, any recent x-rays or imaging of the painful joint and be sure to wear comfortable clothes as you may be required to get unchanged.

Your initial consultation will be about 30 mins and your subsequent consultations will be 15 mins. Your visit may be longer should you need to have further x-rays.

You will be expected to pay for your consultation on the day. You can pay for your consultation via; Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard.

You will be able to claim a percentage of your consultation fee from Medicare but not from your health fund.

There is parking in the St Vincent’s Clinic which is approximately $3.00 per ½ hour. There is ‘off street’ parking available, however, it is limited and has a one hour limit. The nearest train stations to St Vincent’s Clinic are Kings Cross and Central stations. You will need to take a bus or taxi to St Vincent’s clinic from either of these stations.

If you require surgery you may need x-rays or blood tests to be done prior to your admission. Day surgery procedures do not usually require a pre-surgery blood tests. However, surgery in ‘main theatres’ may require for you to have blood tests and a chest x-ray this will be done at your pre-admission appointment.

If you are having surgery at St Vincent’s ‘Day Surgery’ the Day Surgery Unit will call you after 1 pm the day before your surgery. If you are having surgery at St Luke’s ‘Day Surgery’ please call St Luke’s Day Surgery Unit after 1pm the day before your surgery.

  • For St Vincents’s Day Surgery patients: call 02 8382 6300
  • For St Luke’s Day Surgery patients: call 9356 0200

If you are having surgery at ‘Main theatres’ you will be advised at Pre-admission or you will be contacted by the hospital via phone the week prior to your surgery.

Dr Rooney has four regular anaesthetists. Once your surgery date is booked, Dr Rooney’s receptionist will be able to let you know who will be your anaesthetist. You will be able to contact your anaesthetist.

If you are on Warfarin or any blood thinning medication you must let Dr. Rooney know at the time of your consultation, so that he can coordinate a medication weaning program for you.

  • Leave all your valuables at home
  • Bring your X-rays and/or MRI’s
  • Medicare care card
  • Private Health details

If you are having surgery in main theatres and will be staying overnight be sure to pack, comfortable pyjamas, toiletries, slippers that have a back on them and loose comfortable clothing for when you have physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Depending on the operation you may be only in hospital for the day or you may be in hospital for up to 5 days. Everyone has different needs and rates of recovery.

If you need crutches or any other aids you will be issued with these during your admission by a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or a Nurse.

Dr Rooney will determine if you require rehabilitation during your admission. The option of Rehabilitation can also be discussed at the time of your consultation. Sometimes patients have limited support at home or have poor access to their home and hence, require a period of time in rehabilitation so as to get themselves back on their feet and independent before being discharged home.

Your first post-operative appointment will be made and issued to you when you sign your operation booking form. If you have been operated on in ‘Day Surgery’ your first post-operative visit will be approximately 10-14 days after surgery. This appointment will take place in Dr Rooney’s consulting rooms. If you have had surgery in ‘Main Theatres’ your first post-operative visit will be on the ward.

If you have had surgery to your leg it is advisable to NOT drive for up to six weeks. This time period is dependent on the progress of three factors; these include, adequate strength, range of motion and reflexes of the operated leg, it is advisable for you not to drive until these goals have been achieved. Your physiotherapist and Dr Rooney will be able to advise you of your ability to drive again. Remember: If you drive and have an accident you may not be covered by your motor vehicle insurance company.

Dr. Rooney will coordinate Physiotherapy for you if you need it.

Your surgical bill should be settled on your first post-operative visit in rooms.

Contact Dr. Rooney at once if;

  • A lot of blood is on the dressing Pain has increased
  • The skin around the dressing becomes hot or looks red
  • You develop fever (greater than 38 degrees Celsius) or chills
  • You develop excessive swelling
  • You have trouble with the pins, staples, or screws
  • Your dressing becomes loose or gets wet
  • A medication causes side effects
  • You have any other concerns.

If your surgeon is unavailable, contact your G.P or the Accident and Emergency Department at your local Hospital

Recovery time will depend on the type of operation you have had and your pre-surgery condition. Dr. Rooney will be able to let you know your expected recovery time during your consultation.

It is hospital requirement that you have someone to escort you from the hospital when you are discharged